Item No: PZ-1930

Main technical data (parameters):

1. Rated output: 19KN

2. Rated stroke: 30mm

3. Rated power: 250W

4. Crimp range (maximum): thin-walled stainless steel DN28 (wall thickness 1.5), thin-walled copper tube D35 (wall thickness 1.5), aluminum-plastic composite tube DN40.

5. Crimping time: 2.5 seconds / time

6. Tool Warranty: 2 years or 30,000 times (whichever comes first, excluding jaws and batteries).

6. Product weight: 2kg (excluding jaws)

7. Size:363㎜×119㎜×75㎜


1. Lightweight design, the structural parts are made of high quality aviation aluminum to ensure the strength of the product and make the weight of the product lighter.

2. The core parts are manufactured in a generalized and standardized manner, so the quality is more guaranteed.

3. With automatic crimping function, it can automatically release when on the maximum pressure and reset the piston, also with the function of mid-way manual reset function

4. OLED display functions such as battery power, number of crimps and fault information.

5.18V high performance lithium battery with features of more powerful and has higher crimping efficiency.

6. Ergonomic design, balance of center of gravity, more suitable for one-handed operation.


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