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Electric pump
  • Item.No TEP-700
    Working Power AC220V 50HZ Oil capacity 2.0L
    Power Rating 0.75KW Weight 17KG
    Nominal delivery capacity: low pressure 0.4L/min Extemal size: 210x210x340
    high pressure 0.5L/min Hydraulic oil: HV15 hydraulic oil
    Max working pressure 70Mpa Speed: 20000r/min
  • Lightweight
    AC220V 50HZ universal motor works well with long extension cords.
    Use high-performance tandem motor,features of big start-up force and a small volume to carry easily.the speed and current can be adjust automatically to enlarge its moment of force when the load becoming higher,even under high pressure(≥32MPa),the hydraulic pump also can start easily.
    The tool equipped with a double piston pump,high efficiency cycloid gear pump provides higher current,the ram with the plug-in plunger is for easy assembling and replacing of the high precise part,the output in the high pressure is much more stable.
    With built-in oil spout lubricating device,it can help the internal driver component away from dry friction.
    Use high stabilyity impulse safety valve to assure that pressure output is much constant and safe.
    Great for medium-sized cylinders.