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hydraulic crimping tool
  • Crimping force: 116KN
    Crimping range: Cu 50-400mm2
    Stroke: 30mm
    Oil capacity: 145cc
    Weight: approx. 7.00kg
    Package: plastic box
    Weight of box: 1.70kg
    Crimping dies: 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300,400mm2
  • ●Design to accommodate hexagonal dies for applying compression lugs to cooper, aluminum condustors.

    ●Two stage pumping action for rapid ram advance the connector hold position with minumum pumping action.

    ●Manual retraction when the max pressure reached by twising the handle

    ●The glass fiber operation insulates the stick can bear the electric voltage 200kv, keeping on the minute

    ●180o rotatable head

    ●The pressure outside the body adjusts to press the valve, do not need the whole structure to lie down