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Battery Powered electric pump
  • Pressure 70Mpa
    Battery voltage 18v
    Battery capacity 3.0Ah
    Charging time 2 hours
    Package plastic box
    Battery 2pcs
    Charger 1pcs
    Sealing ring of cylinder 1set
    Sealing ring of safety valve 1set
  •   A manual retraction after working to the starting postion.
      The unit is equipped with a double piston pump which is characterised by a rapid approach of the dies forwards the connector and a slow crimping motion.
      Li-ion batteries do neither have a memory effect for self discharge. Even after long periods of non operation the tool is always ready to operate. In addition we see a lower power weight ration with 50% more capacity and shorter charging cycles compare to NiMH batteries.
      A Temperature sensor makes the tool stop working automatically when the tempreture over 60℃ under long time working, the fault signal sounds, it means the tool can’t continue work until the tempreture reduced to the normal.