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Mini type Battery Powered Punch Driver
  • Max. output: 60KN
    Stroke: 25mm
    Weight of Tool: 2.25kg
    Size of tool: 392x116x75
    Thread of piston: 3/4-19UN
    Time/charge: 250 times (Max. mild steel 3mm, Ф49.6mm)
    Voltage of battery: 18V DC
    Capacity of battery: 3Ah
    Voltage of charger: 100~240V AC
    Charging time: 2 hours
    Max punching size:
    3.5mm mild steel:Max. punching hole 61.5mm( pipe conduct 2”)
    2mm mild steel:Max punching hole 161.9mm ( pipe conduct 6”)
    2mm stainless steel:Max punching hole 61.5mm ( pipe conduct 2”)
    Type C :22.5,28.3,34.6,43.2,49.6,61.5mm)
    Draw stud:7/16"x3/4" 1pc
    Draw stud:3/4"x3/4" 1pc
    Sealing kit: 1pc
    Battery: 2pc
    Charger: 1pc
    Spacer: 1pc
    Steel case: 1pc
  • 1. 180o x 360orotary punching head suit to working in narrow space.
    2. One trigger to operate and retraction in automatic or manual.
    3. According to human body design with antislip handle, easy to hold.
    4. Microcomputer control system inside, double safety protection.
    5. LED light ensure to working in dark site.