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Battery Crimping Tool
ITEM NO: EZ-1550

    Technical Parameters:

    Rated clamping force: ≥32KN
    Rated working pressure:


    Clamping range: 40mm
    Thin-wall stainless steel pipe,copper pipe MAX DN54,XPAP,PEX MAX DN75.

    NOTE:15,18,22,28 is for hexagon clamping;32 is for quincunx clamping; 42,54 is for 3-pieces chain claping.

    Clamp die specification for thin-wall stainless steel pipe,copper pipe(nominal OD)
    Clamp die specification for XPAP:
    TH type:16,20,26,32


    Clamp die specification for PEX :  
    NOTE:ln order to meet demand please provide appropriate size and a standard of tube when place order.
    Clamping cycle: 3-8s
    Differet maerials and designed tube,the ability to be varied,depending on the auxiliary pipe fittings.
    Working temperature: -10℃~40℃
    Battery: 18V 3.0 Ah li-ion batery
    Charger: 100-240v AC 50/60 Hz
    Charging time:

    2 hours

    Battery: 2pcs
    Charger: 1pc
    Sealing ring of cylinder: 1set
    Sealing ring of safety valve: 1set

  • Characteristics And Advantages:

    ●Full-automatic clamping process,return the piston into its starting position when the max pressure reached.

    ●Suspend and release device ensure accurate reliability and good sealing.

    ●The hydraulic safety valve and electronic pressure sensor double overload protection decvice,can be in any need to terminate the work,avoid hazardous.

    ●Straight-instert rotary lock type clamp head pin,prevent clamp head pin not lock to work.

    ●180 rotary clamp head,perfect used in narrow working space.

    ●Large capacity of li-ion battery and strong motor provide powerful performance and durability.

    ●LED and sound alarm function,let your work more secure when malfunction happened.

    ●Built-in temperature sensor,prevent the damage from the long work.