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Hydraulic Tube Bender with Nylon former
  • Item No TB-22N Nylon former
    Former ln inch Former ln metric
    Size Weight Size Weight
    1/4" 0.07kg 10mm 0.08kg
    5/16" 0.07kg 12mm 0.10kg
    3/8" 0.07kg 14mm 0.13kg
    1/2" 0.11kg 15mm 0.13kg
    5/8" 0.12kg 16mm 0.13kg
    3/4" 0.17kg 18mm 0.16kg
    7/8" 0.18kg 20mm 0.18kg
        22mm 0.18kg
    Sets include Basic Tool, bending support with bending segments, bending formers, in plastic box
    Note: The former used at optional
  • Accurate bending even in restricted spaces.
    Quick and simple change of the bending formers.
    One handed operation through the ergonomic design.
    Manual drive.
    Wall thickness of the copper below 1.5mm.
    Ideal in restricted spaces and for one handed operation.
    Tough and long-lasing.