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For accurate one handed bending up to 90°, 10-22mm(1/4"-7/8")
  • Item No TBJ-22 Aluminum former
    Former ln inch Former ln metric
    Size Weight Size Weight
    1/4" 0.08kg 10mm 0.20kg
    5/16" 0.09kg 12mm 0.24kg
    3/8" 0.09kg 14mm 0.30kg
    1/2" 0.13kg 15mm 0.30kg
    5/8" 0.145kg 16mm 0.30kg
    3/4" 0.19kg 18mm 0.38kg
    7/8" 0.21kg 20mm 0.41kg
        22mm 0.42kg
    Sets include Basic Tool, bending support with bending segments, bending formers, in plastic box
    Note: The former used at optional
  • Universal application possibilities in sanitary and heating installations, floor heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning, as well as hydraulic systems.
    Manual drive.
    Wall thickness of the copper below 1mm.
    Ideal in restricted spaces and for one handed operation.
    Tough and long-lasting.