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Punch driver kits
  • Item No SYK-15
    Punching range Φ21.5-Φ61.5mm in the 3.5mm mild steel
    Punching force 150KN
    Stroke 25mm
    Weight 7.1kg
    Packge steel case
    Weight of box 4.4kgs
    Round Knockout Punches Type D 22.5,28.3,34.6,43.2,49.6,61.5mm
    Square Knockout Punches 32x32mm
    7/16"x3/4" Draw Stud 1pc
    3/4"x3/4" Draw Stud 1pc
    Spacer 1pc
    Sealing kit 1set
    Plastic box 1pc
  • The finished distributor, on-off case and plate can change the specification at any time. It can change the size of the tools simply, and will not destroy the surface at all after driling hole.
    We can make the tools according to customer’ srequirement, quick delivery.
    When order rectangle and square tools, please measure the correct dimension.