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  •  Profile
  Total area of :
  27300 square meters
  Located in:
  Xuan Men Industrial Estate, Lupu, Yuhuan, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, 317608, China
  • Staff Details:
  Production Staff: 200-250
  QC Staff: 50 to 59
R&D Staff: 30 to 39
  •  Site Advantages/Description
              We are located in the eastern port city, Taizhou, in China with
              convenient traffic and quick information. It is 500 kilometers
              away from Shanghai Port, 180 kilometers away from Ningbo
              Port, and 60kilometers away from Huang Yan airport.
  • Materials Components
              Iron, plastic, rubber, stainless, aluminum alloy, copper
  • Machinery
              Main machinery imported from Japan andKorea such as advanced CNC machines. And 60sets of
              machinescontrolledby computer to make sure the precision of the tool